Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Room 27 Film Festival Movie 2020 - I Need a Hero!

Some wonderful story writers from Team 2, spent a day turning their superhero stories into little movies on Explain Everything on their iPads. They thought about what super power they would choose if they could become a superhero.

We hope you enjoy our movie! Please leave a comment below.

The shark footage is by


  1. good movie pt England realy cool.

    1. It was cool room 27 I very liked the video

  2. I really liked your superhero movie, especially your costumes. Great job!

  3. Dear Room 27,
    We loved your movie. especially the music and the Superheroes. We loved Batgirl and Hulk man. AJ loved Levi -being the hulk.
    From Rm 26

  4. Kia Ora Room 27.
    I loved the movie you've created this year. I loved each of your super powers as well as your characters. If I had the choice to pick and superpower, I'd porpably pick the ability to read minds. Keep out the great work.

    Kind regards,, Oalii

  5. Cio Room 27 I loveed your movie.Keep doing what your doing.

  6. Kia Ora Room 27,
    I really loved what you created in this movie. I also loved is that each of you guys picked your guys super power and as well with the characters. I really enjoyed the Movie!

  7. Kia ora room 27, my name is Taniela, and I attend St Pius X School, I loved all the Superhero powers, they were all cool, Stay safe, and have fun.

  8. Hi room 27!

    I love your movie! It was so cool and I loved all of your cool costumes and superhero names. I loved so many of your superheros that I can't choose which one I like the best!

    If I was a superhero my name would be Cashygirl! Why? It's because I can generate money so I can have infinity cash.

    What would I use the cash for? you might be asking?, Well I would donate money to all the charities in the world! (including animal charities)I would also use they money to help my family out!

    Great Movie!
    From Julianna

  9. Talofa I really like your superhero clothes that you act in.And I also like your thinking and about super girls.Keep it up all of you girls thank you all.


  10. Talofa students. My name is Solomon. I love how you actors have super talents.
    I love how they act as superheroes.

  11. Hello my name is maung maung. I’m from Pt England. I like your movie because the super hero’s looked cool and the movie was awesome and great and I liked your acting.

  12. Hi team 2 what a cool and even fun movie.One question did you enjoy your movie.From room 21 at pt Englend school.

  13. Kia ora Rm 27,
    We liked your movie because it had lots of superheroes who used their powers to save people.
    From Rm 24.

  14. Hi room 27 I am Paege I am in room 23 and I am from pt England school and I
    Feel your movie is funny and goodbye room 27.

  15. You guys are smart, you save people.I like the way that you think.

  16. Hello room 27 I like your movie and I enjoyed your movie from room 22

  17. Hello I really liked your movie it was incredible and creative.

  18. Hello Room 27!

    Awesome movie! You all are fantastic heroes and are very helpful to our community! Your friends are very lucky they got saved. If I could be a superhero, I would love to be shape-shift girl! Shape shifting is where you can change to look like somebody or something!

    Keep it up!

    Aye :)

  19. Hi room 27 your movie was excellent quality I loved it out of a 100 star rating I wold give it 100
    from Aliana pt England school room 21.

  20. Hello, My favourite superhero is Spider - Man and I would save someone from the sea on a boat that is sinking if I was Spider - Man. I really liked the shark boy because it was similar to my one. Keep it up.

  21. Kia Ora Room 27
    Loved your movie and this is one of my favourite songs!! If I would have a superpower I would want to generate food from all the fast food containers for the hungry people all over the world.
    Thank you for showing the courage to make this movie!
    Kind Regards
    Mrs. Botha(Glen Taylor School)

  22. Room 4 at Glen Taylor School liked the idea of you guys being Super hero's. Our favourite super hero in the film was Sharkboy and Wonderwoman. Well done, Room 27!

  23. kia ora team 2 i'm a year 8 at point England school

    i really like your movie and i liked the topic super hero's
    that's my favourite kind of movies


  24. Hi room 27 I am a year 7 and I go to pius x school,

    I really loved what you created in this movie, I really enjoyed watching keep it up room 27, and always know that there is a hero inside of you.