Friday, 30 March 2018

Our PENN Movie!

It was Room 27's turn to make a movie for our school news PENN. We wanted to share some of our favourite things to do at school with you:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Scrambled Eggs!

In Cooking Club on Friday, we made scrambled eggs and toast! The lovely Ms Teleso joined us and wrote the following blog post for us:

Last week on Friday, our cooking club got to make scrambled eggs.

We took a turn each, to crack an egg into the bowl.  

Ms Gaston added milk to the eggs and mixed it altogether.

When the butter was melted in the big pot, the egg mixture went in.

We watched as the egg was cooking in the pot.

As we waited, some of us got a turn to make toast.

At last the scrambled eggs were done and the toast made, it was time to eat.

"This is yummy" said Ahasi.

"I'm putting the scrambled eggs on my toast" said Raphael.

"This is nice and tasty" said Selesa.

"I like eggs and toast" said Leva.

Kaveinga carefully breaking the egg into the bowl.
Well done Kaveinga!


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Highlights of the Term so far!

We have been so busy having fun in Room 27 that we haven't had the time to stop and share all our learning with you yet! Here are some photos that we've taken so far this term:

 Kaveinga chose Weet-Bix when his name was called for Lunch Box Heroes!

We have been learning to balance and dodge at Kiwisport.

Cooking club learned to peel carrots and potatoes!