Thursday, 15 February 2018

Cooking Club

We have enjoyed trying out our new kitchen in Team 2! Every week Team 2 has Clubs. The children get mixed up into new groups and join one of the Gardening, Cooking, Biking or Rippa Rugby clubs. Ms Gaston is taking the Cooking Club. Here is what we got up to last Friday:

Here is what the kids had to say:

"We put jam on our pancakes." - Eleni

"We put butter on the pan." - Alivia

"We put some salt in." - Bonnie

"It was yum!" - Rolex

"We made it ourselves." - Maddie

"We had to flip it over." - Jaycob

"I cracked the egg and it fell on the ground. Some went in the bowl." - Jaycob

"I did the milk." - Maddy

"We mixed the ingredients." - Benji

"I put the flour in the bowl." - Willy

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Welcome to Room 27s Class Blog for 2018!

We have had an amazing start in Room 27!
We love being a part of a big team that comes together everyday to share our learning in our brand new building. Here's a photo from our first day:

We even have a kitchen in our class! So.... we made cookies! Here are some of the best stories we wrote about them:

"We used egg, butter, golden syrup, sugar, flour and cinnamon to make cookies. They tasted yum."
by Talanoa

"This morning, Room 27 made cookies. We used egg and golden syrup and butter and flour and sugar. They tasted nice."
by Zar Quaejah

"This morning, we made cookies. They were hard and hot. We used butter."
by Cambridge

"This morning we made cookies. It tasted a little bit hot and it tasted a little bit slimy."
by Waireinga

Brooke spelling out ingredients.

Rolex and VJ working on their alphabet.

Romeo with his cookie writing.

They finished it!!