Friday, 27 October 2017

We are Making Music!

Room 25 has been very busy for the past two weeks making music with our bodies and found objects. Today we have been exploring ways we can write our music down so we can remember it and make it longer. Ms Gaston made a video of 4 children's beat ideas. Look out for more music on our individual blogs next week!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Musical Madness!

We are very excited in Room 25 to be learning about Music at school this term. After an amazing immersion assembly on Monday from all the teams we are full of ideas of things we want to learn and try for our Music topic this term.

"We want to do some music with some instruments in Room 25." - Leonidas
 "I wanna show people how to play instruments. I can play the ukulele" - Angel

"I like music because it makes me happy and it makes me laugh." - Jireh
 "I want to listen to music and feel how the music is making me feel." - Kolotita
"I like the music because it makes me happy and it doesn't make me sad." - Lynette
"When the music plays we feel any kinds of faces, when we're scared or stuff like that." - Vika

"I like the way that the music feels happy inside us." - Qweenie

"I like music because it makes me sing." - Vienna

"I like the song when it starts to play because it makes me sing." - Ema

"When the songs come on, we like to dance." - Leonidas