Thursday, 2 March 2017

We Loved Swimming


We had a lot of fun at swimming this term. Today was our last lesson at Glen Innes Pools. We learned to kick our legs, make starfish, jump in the water and return to the side of the pool by ourselves. We wore life jackets in the deep pool. We learned about how to wear them and how they keep us safe. We made a human chain by holding onto each others' shoulders.
Thank you to Kat, Jess, Sophie and Joseph (we hope we got all your names right)! We had fun and we learned so much.


  1. Hi room 25 that is cool to go in the big pool
    and it is safe to where life jackets.

  2. Well Rm 25 I hope you enjoyed doing swimming I hope you learnt lots of new skills and hope you know how to keep safe in the Water.