Friday, 8 September 2017

Our visit from an Astronomer!

We were so lucky this week to have Dr Nicholas Rattenbury from the University of Auckland, visit and share his knowledge of space with our team.

"Thank you for teaching us about space, and I hope you liked it when you visited us." - Leonidas

"He told us how Jupiter got bigger and bigger." - Kolotita

"He told us to go in groups and look at these pictures about space." - Legacy

"He said that there are 100 billion stars up there in the sky." - Lynette

"I learned that Pluto is the farthest from the sun, and there were 9 planets but then they kicked Pluto out so now there are 8." - Campbell

"I learned that there are more planets than just 8." - Marius

"He told us why space is so cold." - Tumanako

"Nick sends stuff up to space." - Khyani

"He said that a star blew up." - Vienna

"He told us that the Milky Way Galaxy is a group of stars." - Leonidas

Thanks heaps for sharing your knowledge with us Dr Rattenbury! You are welcome back any time!


  1. Talofa Lava Room 25,
    How lucky you are to have had an Astronomer visit you. I have never met an Astonomer before. Imagine 100 billion stars in the sky! When I am camping in summer at the beach I love to star gaze at night and look for shooting stars and satellites. Do any of you like star gazing like me?

  2. Hi its Rebecca little here. Your planets look awesome.
    We have been learning about space too. How did you make the planets?