Saturday, 10 June 2017

Rm 25 Ripstar Rippa Rugby Stars

We would like to share with you 2 of our AMAZING Rippa Rugby players!
Here are Legacy and Naomi with their awards:

Legacy won the Coach's Award for amazing ripping skills and scoring 2 tries.
Naomi was Player of the Day for 2 amazing tries, always running in support, a great attitude, and always trying to be on side.

Well done girls! We are very proud of you!!


  1. Well done girls. Room 25 has some fabulous Sports people as well as very clever learners. Did you put your certificate on the wall or on the fridge?
    Mrs Burt

    1. Thank you Mrs Burt. We put our certificates on the fridge. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Congratulations Legacy & Naomi! You both played well and deserved your awards. Keep being amazing "RIPSTARS".
    Mrs Vaevae

    1. "Thank you for being a great coach!" - Legacy
      "Thank you for helping us!" - Naomi